Destination Imagination WINS 1st PLACE

DI 2016 014 (2).JPG


4th grade Destination Imagination team wins first place, the Renaissance Award and advances to States!

The Friends School DI Stars won first place at the North Central Destination Imagination tournament on Feb. 27th and will advance to the state tournament. The team of 4th graders worked together meeting weekly and sometimes twice a week after school. For their fine arts challenge, “Get A Clue”, the team members researched a historical time period of their choice (the California gold rush of 1849), wrote a mystery play with 3 possible endings, performed it in the traverse staging style (where the audience is on two sides of the stage), “solved” the mystery using a “Techniclue”, and designed and created their own props and set pieces, taking advantage of the new Maker Space at Friends. The team also used creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills in an Instant Challenge as part of the tournament. In addition to winning first place in the elementary school level of the “Get A Clue” fine arts challenge, the DI Stars were awarded the prestigious Renaissance Award for Outstanding Design, Engineering or Performance. This prestigious award is only given to one team out of all the different levels and challenges. The appraisers wrote:

The scene opened with a wistful fiddle rendition of “Tennessee Waltz”, as a troupe of flannel-clad miners filed in to set up their tent and begin panning for gold in a cleverly constructed stream bed. The Friends School DI Stars drew the audience into a well-researched mystery story that not only fulfilled all the requirements of the challenge, but went beyond to engage the imagination and senses of those who watched. The performance flowed flawlessly from beginning to end, and it was obvious that the participants had prepared for any and all contingencies. Their exceptional rendition stood apart from that of their peers, and made everyone feel as if we had experienced the gold rush “first person.”

The Friends School DI Stars are: Caroline Andrews, Kaya Banerjee, Xander Dickens, Macy Goldberg, Charlotte Hassler, Quentin Malloy, and Noa Sachs-Kohen. The Team Manager is Kathy Rogers, assisted by Kristen Andrews and the Upper School Maker Space/Ramsay Barnes. They head to the DI state tournament on Saturday, April 9th at UMBC.

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