BRICK BY BRICK: DETAILs Baltimore visits Upper School

A BIG thank you to Mr Max Pollack, Materials Manager of DETAILs deconstruction here in Baltimore City. Mr Pollack was invited to speak with our entire Upper School community in our Maker Space Speaker Series this week.  Mr Pollack gave a thorough introduction to the complex work that “deconstruction” involves and touched upon many issues that  DETAILs  shines light on that exist in our city such as: community housing, innovative reuse of materials, employment problems for citizens with prior records, property tax es, vacant row homes, start up businesses, grants, city politics, and environmental impacts were a big part of his discussions today.

From the DETAILs website:

“Nearly 300,000 houses are demolished in the United States every year. Those houses need to be removed from the land, but demolishing them creates extensive waste for the landfills. Deconstruction addresses this environmental problem by taking the building apart board-by-board and making the materials available for resale, reuse and repurposing. ”

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Mr Pollack also shared his popular Blog BaltimoreBrickbyBrick with Mrs Berkeley’s Creative Non-Fiction Writing class. His research digs deep into the past life of the the row homes original occupants that DETAILs is deconstructing. He is honoring the life of the structure and the people who lived in them. Pollack shared his research process of going trhough Baltimore city Census data bases, chance happenings, and online genealogy research data bases like  His stories were inspiring, we highly recommend checking it out and digging deeper into our city’s rich history of diversity and growth.

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