Problem Finding with Industrial Designer Porter Gieske.

Mr Porter Gieske, Global Packaging Design Manager at McCormick visited our school to share his experience and insights into design, the creative process and the making of unique objects on an industrial scale. If you’ve ever held a McCormick bottle in your hand, Mr Gieske more than likely designed it.


Mr Gieske brought current prototypes, technical drawings and past examples of his professional work  portfolio to illustrate the complex process of making the everyday things we use in our homes and kitchens. The students were engaged with the hands on elements of his craft and had many questions about how does one become an”industrial designer”. One of the big take away’s from the presentation was hearing stories that were a rich window into the world of  engineers and artists at work on design problems. The relationship between form and function being balanced against the manufacturing of consumer products on a world wide scale was surprising. It felt like looking behind the curtain. -Mr Barnes (Upper School Maker Space Program Coordinator)

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