Making Through Un-Making / Kindergarden

Making Through Un-Making
A highlight in Mrs. Morrissey’s kindergarten class is when the schedule says, “Choice Time” or “Discovery.” This is a time when the kindergarteners get a chance to choose and direct the learning that takes place in class. Some kids decide to make a puppet show, build with blocks, construct with LEGOs, draw, and role play, among other activities.

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A favorite choice of many of the students is getting down and dirty with the Junk Box and Take Apart Box. The Junk Box is a place where the children use recyclables to design and invent new creations. New discoveries are made while “un-making.” The kids get a chance to explore, discover, wonder, and figure out how things work by taking them apart. Students get out their tool kits and they take apart wireless routers, old monitors, and other mechanical and electrical appliances. These parts often are combined with the recyclables to create new inventions. -Andrew Hanes

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