3-D Printed Djembe drums come to life at Light City Baltimore


Today , David Fakunle o5′ was invited to share his West African drum music as a guest in the Upper School Maker Space Speakers Series. Davids West African drum group collaborated with artists Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack of Towson University to create 3-D Printed djembe drums that react to being played by flashing light with quartz crystal transducers. A natural skin drum head was stretched over the fabricated drum body. The drums were linked to the Baltimore Welcome Centers reconfigured lighting. The combination of the music and light interaction combined with the energized public has reinvigorated the Baltimore Welcome Center in the Inner Harbor. Their work is a wonderful example of  traditional expression meeting cutting edge technology all towards creating a stronger and vibrant community. If you have not already visited  Light City Baltimore  to see David perform, you still have time.

drum printDavid Fakunle Drum

David played his djembe and spoke to both Upper School and Middle School  Fine Arts Students and Musicians. David spoke about the design process and the ongoing development of these new never before seen musical instruments. Click here to see the light drum and hear Davids Fakunle’s performance.

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