Inventor Interview / PrePrimary Lower School

Interview with Inventor Max sharing his invention and future work:

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Cynthia L. Fox Barney: How did your design for the phonograph come about?

Max: Well, I felt like designing something.  First I made a large airplane out of cardboard but that fell apart.  Then I thought about Thomas Edison and I got my answer.  I thought about this object and where the wires needed to go.  I was close to failing but just kept working and working.  I didn’t make the horn for my phonograph because it wouldn’t fit in my box.  I purchased several items at Michael’s and then used items I had at home too.

Cynthia L. Fox Barney: What would you like to design next?

Max: Well, I like the designer Thomas Anderson but I would like to create a safer Titanic.   I think his design was pretty good but not for the passengers.  I think my ship would be more electronic.  Of course, for the design I would have four smoke stacks like the original ship.

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