Genius Time in the Lower School

As the new school year gets under way, Genius Time has begun in the 4th grade. Genius Time gives students the opportunity to explore their own passions. Students choose a topic of interest to extensively research and explore. They begin first by asking a driving question that guides them throughout their research. They then utilize their research skills to discover the answers to their questions, all the while discovering new questions as they learn new information about their topic. Genius Time gives students an opportunity to have voice and choice about what they learn.


This year, 4th graders are utilizing the LS Makerspace to explore their topics during  Genius Time. Some projects that are being researched, prototyped, and constructed in the Makerspace are: functional work tables that are built around the support columns in the Makerspace; a moving, lighting up Makerspace sign that will hang outside the LS Makerspace; and building hummingbird feeders, designing and constructing a 3D board game; building a life-sized and moving wolverine.

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Egg Taste Test – Lower School

This fall, Jennifer Schultz’s fifth grade homeroom is doing a project based-learning unit that has the students focusing on the following driving question: How can we as food activists impact our communities consumption and production of food?

Students have viewed the documentary What’s on Your Plate? as well as a few clips from Food, Inc. The fifth graders will also be using the Omnivore’s Dilemma for Young Readers as a source for additional information.

To get a firsthand understanding of the difference between cage-free eggs, traditionally farmed eggs, and pasture raised eggs students did a blind observation–shell, yolk, clarity, size, etc.–and a blind taste test. Students used the LS Makerspace to do these observations and to also prepare and cook the scrambled eggs.

The students were not surprised that the most delicious tasting egg was the pasture raised egg! The most disgustingly bland, non-tasting egg was the traditionally farmed store bought egg.

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ARRRRRR ! International Talk Like a Pirate Day – Lower School

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day is an actual celebration held annually on September 19th. This year, Suzanne Whitney’s first grade class partnered with Melissa Ekey’s Pre-First class in the LS Makerpsace to build pirate ships out of LEGOs, decorate spy glasses, wear their decorated pirate hats, and skip count while “walking the plank!”

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