Kindergarten Moon Making in the Makerspace

Mrs. Fleury’s kindergarten loves the moon! We are learning about the phases of the moon, some of the men who have gone to the moon, and what the atmosphere is like on the moon. We decided we would like to spend the day on the moon and each child decided what they would need to bring with them.

Some children wanted to bring a stuffed animal and so they made crates for them that would work on the moon. Other children designed helmets, and one child designed a bed for sleeping (with a rope to tie her on the bed so she would not float away!) We used boxes, tape, fabric, wire, batteries and much more! Some of us learned about simple circuits and our equipment lights up! We used the green screen to help us “go to the moon” and we explained our inventions on film. Our next trip to the moon will be on Monday October 17th.






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