88 MPH !!! Fast design comes to Friends Schools with a visit from STX

Today was an exciting day at the Friends School of Baltimore.  STX Lacrosse’s design team Austin Brown, Industrial designer and John Coe, Mechanical Engineer visited the Upper School to speak at Collection about the process of designing  cutting edge sports equipment. John and Austin play different roles in the design process but work hand in hand to reach the products goal. The talk was informative and students were led through the process of how a new head is designed and then tested.

The presentation kicked off with the just released STX promo video:Progression Fueled by Athletes – Stallion 700 .  Kyle Harrison ’04 was a featured athlete in the video.

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Austin Brown holding steady as the students take aim and let it fly!


The afternoon Prototype and Speed testing was a success. Twenty students and a few Faculty participated in the testing with a top speed was reached of 88 MPH by none other than Will Mortimer 17′ pictured below with Austin and John.


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The day ended with our students giving feedback on some of the latest prototypes STX has made. There was even talk about Senior work projects with STX and a clinic to string heads to achieve different performances.  I’m sure STX will be making another visit in the future to Friends School.



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