Positivity, encouragement, and joy line the halls of Friends School.


By: Gwendolyn Comfort -18′

Positivity, encouragement, and joy line the halls of Friends School, since Thursday, December first. I started that week with a small idea–to make posters with positive sayings for groups of people; to gain strength from (“Black students, your lives matter in our community,” “LGBTQ+ students, you are valid and welcome in our school,” “Foreign students, your voice is important and your background is valuable,” etc.). I honestly didn’t have much hope for people wanting to help me with it, though I knew a lot of students would love the finished product. But I took a shot and shared my idea with Mrs. Rupani, our schools Director of Diversity, Equity and Social Justice, who leapt at the chance to introduce that kind of thoughtful, happy energy to the school, especially after the turmoil of this past year and, even more, the past couple weeks. I’m overjoyed that so many people took to it so quickly, that we had a great turnout at our poster- and button-making session, and that a large portion of the student body has spoken up about appreciating the existence and placement of the posters.

It was a lot of work, but all those who helped create or put up the posters made it the organization side fun, and and seeing the looks of relief and joy on the faces of those who pass them by in the halls made the whole week of planning worth it. A total of 50 unique posters and 25 original buttons were created in the maker space.- Gwendolyn Comfort -18′

4 thoughts on “Positivity, encouragement, and joy line the halls of Friends School.

  1. I have loved seeing the posters. It makes me feel happy to be in this community. I wear my button just about every day. Thank you so much for taking a leadership role and making this happen. I am grateful.


  2. I too have really felt affirmed, seeing the posters around. You can’t say enough to combat the negative things that are out there in the air these days. Gwen what a great idea!!! Thank you.


    1. Thank you for the positive energy these signs give to our school community! It makes me happy just to walk through the halls.


  3. Thank you for taking the initiative to organize a group of students to help create these positive signs! I love seeing them in the halls and in the library to show everyone that they are safe and accepted here.


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