Our friend Max Pollack at DETAILs Baltimore has a new website. Check it out.


Max Pollack, Manager of Material sales and Production for DETAILs Baltimore visited the Friends Community last Spring to share what they do.

Construction builds new structures. Deconstruction takes old ones apart and repurposes the materials. With deconstruction comes economic, environmental, and social benefits that do not exist in conventional demolition. Nearly 300,000 houses are demolished in the United States every year, leading to large-scale waste and an enormous missed opportunity for social impact and environmental conservation.

Every material in your home has value from whole pieces like cabinetry to individual parts like lumber. Deconstruction rescues many of these pieces and gives them new life. It’s a process that requires attention to detail, and our crew has mastered efficiency. Whether your home renewal project requires partial or full removal of the structure, Details is ready for it. Hiring us is good for people, the planet, and you. Being a Humanim social enterprise, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, means the Details deconstruction can bring tax benefits to the owner.

Check out this flashback link to his visit.






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