Ever want to be a Mage? Now you can!

Virtual Reality Game design comes to Friends School.

Hadar Silverman, owner, and designer for Earth Born Interactive visited Upper School Collection for the third installment of the Maker Speaker Series to share his virtual reality gaming experience and talk about the technology with our Middle and Upper School students.



Hadar Silverman is an Independent Game Developer and provides freelance services in the fields of art, architecture, and interactive media.  As a solo developer, he has created games & experiences for mobile, PC, console & virtual reality.


During his visit  both Middle School and Upper School students were involved with Hadar’s “Design Process” and helped give feedback towards his next iteration. Through testing the game MageWorks  and giving live feedback , 3 students from the Middle School and 5 from the Upper School tested the game during his visit in the Maker Space. Students were able to use a VIVE headset to test MageWorks.

MageWorks is a mage simulation combat and crafting game. Players flip through their spellbooks and use their staff to cast the spells. Spellbooks can be customized! With a unique bookmarking system, players can bookmark their favorite spells which places that spell into a custom spellbook. This way players can tune their spellbooks to best fit their playstyle and select magic that is suitable for different environment types.

Players can also customize their staff! By collecting wood, crystals and flowers in the wild, mages can create ink to draw their designs, carve and shape wood, and grind crystals to create a unique staff. The staff you create can also be 3D printed so you can bring a part of your game into reality!   https://sp0rx.itch.io/mageworks

As an Early Access title designed exclusively for use with VR motion controllers, this game is constantly evolving with player and community feedback.


Check out the trailer here:   Mage Works VR trailer


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