Call for Materials! / 7th Grade Instrument Makers

Our 7th graders have embarked on their instrument projects, and the level of excitement is palpable.  This year, we are making every effort to use “found materials” as much as possible so that all students have an equal chance to create an instrument in which they can take pride. That said, they are going through materials at a quick rate as they are building, and some things are not present in the maker space.  If you have any of these items at home, and you are ready to clean out your closets, please bring these materials in this week.  We will be most appreciative!



Items needed:

  • Fishing wire
  • Jewelry stretchy beading thread of all thicknesses
  • Wooden cigar boxes (L, N, S) sizes
  • Copper pipes of various lengths ½ inch or ¾”
  • PVC pipe ¾” tube and various lengths and widths
  • Sheet metal scraps and leftover sheets
  • Jar of random nuts and bolts
  • Clothes pins
  • A broom
  • ¼” or 1/8” plywood of various sizes and shapes
  • Lucite sheets
  • Leather or chamois cloth
  • Polyethylene sheets
  • Used violin, viola, cello, guitar, harp strings
  • Old instrument parts – bridges, keys, mouthpieces, etc…
  • Used tuning pegs
  • PVC plumbing parts(elbows, etc…)
  • Copper plumbing parts (elbows, etc…)
  • Hard beads – plastic, metal or wood of various sizes
  • Tea tins
  • 2 x 4’s or various scraps and lengths of wood
  • Thin chord
  • Plastic jugs (water bottles from machines)
  • 5 gallon paint buckets
  • Old rakes
  • Anything that you might think could be useful

Please Bring Items to the Upper School Maker Space

Thank you all!  We look forward to sharing our creations with you!



Cecile Audette and the 7th Grade Instrument Makers

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