Time to check the water.

Art Technology Media and Design-Upper School Art Department teacher Mr Antonio-Barnes.

Students we’re asked how they could use the data collecting power of small cheap microproseccors coupled with sensors to help the Aquaponics club current system. The class identified and attempted 4 different solutions to “problems” or variables they found as potential factors to monitor: tempeture/humidity of the green house , light from the UV lamps, water levels in the system cycle and PH level of the water itself. Students were able to build off of existing examples of sensors for the Arduino platform and had to design, build and test enclosures to protect the electrical componets within the wet environment of the science departments greenhouse . Mrs Jenkins, Upper School Science teacher and Aquaponics Advisor welcomed the classes solutions to the clubs system and current club members are now reiterating the sensors with some of the ATMD students. The project continues with one possible goal of automated data reports being set via Wifi to club members phone and spreadsheets to log the data over time. -Mr Barnes

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