Presentations are underway: 7th Grade Insterument project.

Presentations are underway: 7th Grade Insterument project—

Mrs Audette. Middle School Music

What I hope they are accomplishing and what they are actually accomplishing are quite different.  However, if they follow the plan presented in the original overview, they discuss the instrument in accordance to its western and world instrument designation.  Then they  describe the elements of the instrument in terms of how sound is created in that medium.  Each of the students give a step by step narrative of their processes, they play a piece or tell a story to demonstrate the functionality of the instrument, and they conclude by telling us what they have learned.


Throughout the process, we are cultivating curiosity,  creative problem solving, collaboration, time management, and above all, resilience.  They also learn how to use power tools and to craft and build instruments of their choice.  All of them learn – some by researching first, and some, in rare cases,  by building something that is sub standard.  Regardless, learning has taken place, and it can be applied anywhere else that life takes them.

–Mrs Audette. Middle School Music.

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