A good listen: “The Maker Movement”- Future City

Future City on WYPR


In this episode, Wes explores how Baltimore is working to keep pace with the burgeoning Maker Movement, a lifestyle and philosophy based on the idea that a do-it-yourself attitude changes lives for the better. Is the movement really all its proponents say it’s cracked up to be?  Or is it leaving women and the disadvantaged on the sidelines? MAY 12, 2017

Guests on this episode include:

Dale Dougherty, founder of Make Magazine and creator of Maker Faire

Mark Hatch, author of The Maker Movement Manifesto and creator of TechShop

Debbie Chachra, professor of Engineering at Olin College of Engineering, and author of the Atlantic article, Why I Am Not a Maker.

Dana Johnson, managing director of the Reinvestment Fund, a national leader in providing funding for neighborhood revitalization.

Stefano Vellone, artisan guitar maker renting space from Open Works in Baltimore. Stefano also teaches woodworking classes at Open Works and the Station North Tool Library.

Shawn Grimes, Executive Director of Digital Harbor Foundation, an after-school space that fosters learning, creativity, productivity, and innovation.

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