Project Cornhole

Students in the Art Technology Media and Design (ATMD, Fall 2017) worked in pairs to create sets of collapsible cornhole boards that adhered to American Cornhole Organization standards. Here are some images from the build:

This project was a lot of fun. Students learned how to use the shop tools to create their boards. They also learned how to sew to create the bags. Each pair developed the design for the faces of the boards using vector drawing tools and applied the designs using vinyl cut stencils and paint. The design constraints presented many challenges.

ACO Approved Boards:
1. Hardwood plywood playing surface measuring 47.5” to 48” x 23.5” to 24”.
2. The playing surface has a minimum thickness of 1/2” with cross-section backing, or 3/4” with or without cross-section backing.
3. Each Board in a set should weigh no less than 25 lbs.
4. Each hole is 6” diameter, centered 9” from the top of the board and centered from each side edge.
5. The front of the board is 3” to 4” from the ground to the top of the playing surface.
6. The back of the board is 12” from the ground to the top of the playing surface.
7. The playing surface should be finished – sanded to a very smooth texture. There should be little to no blemishes in the wood surface that may disrupt or distort play.
8. The playing surface can be painted with a high gloss latex paint or varnish. The surface should allow bags to slide when thrown, but not be so slippery that the bags slide back down the platform.
• ACO Approved Bags
• Each bag is made from two fabric squares with double-stitched seaming.
• The bags should be made from a durable fabric like canvas, twill, or synthetic suede.
• Each bag measures roughly 6” by 6” and weighs 15 to 16 ounces.
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