Middle School

The middle school is full of makers.  Students have been “making” by replicating famous Russian buildings in foreign language, by designing tessellations in math, sewing costumes in social studies, creating their own instruments in music, and crafting woodworking projects in fine arts classes.  

We are in the process of outfitting, not one, but two new official spaces in our building for students to pursue their passions and complete their school projects.

The library lab space has become our “clean” design space.  It houses our 3D printer, circuitry and electronics devices, a vinyl cutter, and technologies like our interactive projector, ipads, and Mac laptops.
The lab is frequently used by teachers for class projects.  Seventh and eighth grade fine arts classes work on trimester long technology related projects where they learn a new tool or process and then create a presentation to share their learning with classmates. Our Makers Club meets in the lab each week where students have the freedom to play with the tool of their choice.